FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS : Konlor’s Event on 22 Feb. 2017

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Venue of the event

  1. Where//when//when Konlor stations will be started?

This event is held on the 1st floor of CentralWorld on 22nd February 2017, starting from 16-18 pm onwards. Tickets can be purchased from 14 pm.

  1. Are there any “seats” inside the event for ticket holders?

No, there are not. The ticket will be used for participating in activities we provide (i.e, games specified in each station, T-Shirt or Standee reclaim only)

  1. Will fanclub who don’t purchase tickets be able to see their favorite artists?

Yes , of course. This event is held in open-air space. However, if anyone want to join activities  they must have specific tickets.


Online Ticket Purchase

If you are not in Thailand right now, we suggest that you should come and buy the ticket on the 22th February at Central World Department Store ( 1st Floor,Eden Zone). We will start selling the ticket from 2.00 p.m. onwards.

On-location ticket purchase

  1. Is it okay that person purchasing ticket is not the one participating in games at Konlor stations?

Yes. But once you register to confirm your right, you cannot transfer your right to someone’s else.

  1. Do every ticket come with rewards?//Do every people purchasing tickets have right to join games with Konlor?
    Every ticket comes with reward, depending on what kind of reward any specific ticket offers (joining games, winning limited edition T-shirts or winning Konlor standee)
  2. Upon purchasing ticket at the event, what to do next?
  • There will be staff in charge of guiding you and answering your questions at the event

Konlor Stations 

1.How many rewards are there at each station?
Our staff will do their best in facilitating you to join our activities. However, we recommend that you contact us as early as you can

  1. In case lucky draw shows that my right is for the same station for more than once, can I switch my station with my friend’s?

Yes, you can at your own convenience but our staff don’t permit the change of tickets. And after you confirm your right, no change can be done.

  1. In case I get many tickets for the same station, can I participate at once?

One ticket is for 1-time participation. If you are happy with playing games at the same station for more than 1 time, you can do it once you start queue up for each new round

  1. In case of purchasing many tickets//applicable for many stations// is it possible to join games at once?

Every time you change station, you are required to queue up again

  1. In case I don’t win The First Prize, am I allowed to get into the event?
    We apologize to reserve right to queue up only for those who get reward of Konlor Stations participation.
  1. Can I bring my friends to take my photos during I participate in games?

1 ticket allows only 1 person to get in the station. However, you don’t need to worry about this as we provide photographers at each station . After the event, you can log into to download your photos FOR FREE!


  1. Are Konlor T-Shirts open for sale outside the event?

We apologize for this. Due to our limited production volumn, we do not open for sale like previous years.! However, as we provide hundreds of Konlor T-Shirts for this event, we wish you luck!

  1. Can people who don’t purchase ticket join this event?

Sorry they can’t. We apologize to reserve the right to queue up only for those who get reward of Konlor Stations participation.

  1. In case I win prizes from many stations and those prizes are repetitive, can I cancel them?

Yes you can but you are not allowed to change prizes for another options.

  1. What kind of games am I supposed to join in each station?

Our staff will explain all rules & regulations for each station.

  1. How many photos am I allowed to take?

It depends on number of people queuing up for each station. But don’t worry as we provide photographers for each station.

After the event you can log into to download your photos FOR FREE!

  1. Can I bring electric boards into the event?

Sorry, you can’t. The venue owner doesn’t allow electric boards in the event area.
***Please read our rules&instructions very carefully so that you can join our activities and charity worry-free^^

See you on 22 February 2016 at Eden Square, 1st floor of CentralWorld. Cheers!